PLF is global early-stage tech fund

PLF is a sector agnostic pre-seed & seed VC backed by 30+ successful alumni tech executives and entrepreneurs from the tech universities focused on startups at the stage of business experimentation but aiming at building global technology companies.

Our mission is to improve the success rate of startups founded by global "tech" alumni by helping them to expand globally and leveraging global expertise and the alumni community.
Connected capital
All investors provide some combination of capital and help. The capital component is probably the least of what the PLF provides to its portfolio companies

We invested in 100+ tech founders across the globe and helped them avoid major pitfalls while connecting to western VC ecosystem.
Smart community
We united over 30 "tech" investors: IT professionals from leading IT companies as well alumni entrepreneurs who scaled their businesses to billions of dollars in revenues.

Our goal is simple - maximize your chance of reaching becoming global and growing your business 10-100x fold.
Global assistance
Physical presence in 7 countries (USA, UK, Israel, Poland, Latvia, Hungary, Cyprus) with over 40 professionals able to assist you on your path to build a global business

We provide a global network of experts to our entrepreneurs.
PLF is following the global trends in uniting physics & technology alumni with passion for technology and startups
PLF is following the success of the world's leading tech universities from the US (Stanford, MIT, Harvard), Europe (Oxford, Cambridge), and Israel (TAU) and launched a seed fund that provides start-ups with physics and tech entrepreneurs with access to capital, diverse investors, and a supportive community to develop and scale their company.
Our investment approach
We invest in founders
in according to our belief system
  • Global ambitions
    Only truly global problems can maintain the founder's passion for a decade long. Stoically solving it step by step with laser focus is what excites us.
  • Value accretive
    We are rather givers vs takers. Even if we don't end up investing, we would like to assist our prospective founders in their mission to build a global business.
  • Being team centric
    Success can be found only when the team is aligned. We value founders who understand their own strengths and the necessity to close the competency gaps.
  • Having laser focus
    We believe at the beginning of every founder's journey, they need to employ hyper-focus on getting to the next critical milestone
  • Data-driven mindset
    When we invest, we strive to unite with founders that can clearly article which sets of hypotheses they would like to prove or disprove and why.
  • Founder friendly
    We tend to be very flexible and legally lean when it comes to structuring our investments, tailoring to the needs of the founders
Frequently Asked Questions
What is PLF's strategy?
We are a sector agnostic pre-seed and seed VC. We target startups with a global focus and early revenue. We favor technology businesses, however, can also back deep tech companies with unique technology.
How much capital does PLF invest?
PLF invests at entry up to $200k. The entry check size will depend on various parameters, such as company stage, existing performance, ability to scale quickly and amount of capital the business model requires.
Does PLF lead round or is a follower?
As a fund, we are agnostic, we've done both ways. In cases, where we are highly convinced of the investment opportunity, we have the ability to bring some of our Limited Partners to co-invest directly with us, increasing overall check size multifold.
Does PLF do follow-ons?
The fund reserves about 50% of its capital to participate in the next rounds. We tend to support our founders the longest possible, staying mindful, however, of the total fund we manage and the overall fund's risk management policies.
What value does PLF bring?
We leverage our global infrastructure with 100+ portfolio companies and 10+ offices in the US, EU, and Israel, our global VC network, and assist with global expansion, fundraising, hiring, technology expertise, marketing, etc.
What is your target startup?
We focus on startups with technical teams, global focused approach and early revenue.
If you have a physics & technology background, please reach out to us, we're here to help
PLF will try to assist you even if you aren't raising capital
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